Use what companies like EA, Zynga, Disney, and Rovio use to make billions a year. You can use the Flash and AIR technologies to create award-winning games for iOS App Store, Android Market, and the Amazon App Store. Even games for social networks such as Facebook and GREE. You can join gaming’s biggest party!

 2019 Flash MacroMedia

You can now play beautifully with Flash runtime, which now uses GPU accelerated graphics 1000x faster, the 2D and 3D world. Code with human-friendly ActionScript or take your C/C++ to unite games and easily target Flash Runtime.


Adobe air will allow you to distribute your video games through billions of devices of which have access to iOS App Store and android devices. Through one codebase and amazing tools you can take advantage of simple, yet powerful API’s and frameworks enjoyed by a large and growing developer community.


Examples of this community are proven through links such as;


Flash Player is available on 1.3 billion devices worldwide

50,000+ games available in App Stores on mobile devices powered by Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR Apps having installation metrics of over one billion

Adobe Flash Builder is a developer community for building games and Applications using ActionScript language and the open source Flex framework by including professional testing tools such as profilers, network monitoring, and unit testing support.



You can work faster with more connected tools, a 64-bit architecture and a new streamlined interface. Create Flash and HTML5 content and export high-definition games, video and audio feeds. Share work directly through Flash Professional and sync your settings across machines, and get access to new features the moment released.


Adobe Scout is the next-generation profiling tool for Adobe Flash Player and AIR. It revolutionizes ActionScript development by showing you the content of your own game in the most descriptive way possible. Scout is intuitive, yet simple to use and it frees your mind allowing you to create the most immersive games. So, try it today. It’s FREE! This site is in no way affiliated with MacroMedia or Adobe, but you can find answers to your questions at their website.