nextgengamingNext Gen Mobile Gaming
Mobile gaming has evolved rapidly since the first cellphones with games were releases. Gone are the days of sepia-toned 2D landscapes, replaced with lush, three dimensional worlds formerly only possible on the most high tech of PCs and top end gaming consoles. Now a typical smartphone has all the gaming power of a high end PC from a few years ago.

This power has been demonstrated when peopled have modded and emulated popular PC games to run on smartphones, unlocked free casino slots and mobile pokies, but it is truly harnessed when someone codes a game specifically designed to for the phones hardware. Next gen mobile games have the potential to be regarded as competitive with console games and with software developers like , if only due to the tremendous power of the hardware they are able to harness.A typical smartphone now has at least a gig of ram and a display of several inches, in addition to a powerful processor and a long battery life. These things, all taken into consideration cumulatively, are a perfect recipe for a high powered next gen mobile gaming system. Even the touch screen interface found on almost any smartphone can be used to make games better.

By using the touch screen, developers can design games that are immersive on a level only games on a phone could be. Typically, most console games require little to no interaction on the users part other than button pushing. This can become somewhat monotonous and this monotony can actually serve to pull a player out of the gaming experience. By having to touch your screen in a certain fashion, say in a certain time, will keep a player in the game and also have them doing more than just pushing around buttons and joy sticks.Many games now incorporate what are known as microtransactions. These are often new and original content and updates for the game, effectively extending its life and replay-ability. For example, a developer may choose to, after a games initial release, put out a new series of levels or maps every month, based on the nature of the game. A people simulator might choose to release a batch of new outfits coinciding with a particular holiday.

Whatever it may be, such updates keep a players interested in the game. When a game stops being “new”, players get bored and move on to other things. With microtransactions, games never have to get “old”, and rather have a much longer and dynamic life. All of this type of activity is streamlined and made easier by a cellphones all in one nature. Now rather than exiting the game to download some file or install the patch, these processes can all happen simultaneously, taking a lot of the hassle out of it.The graphical output and power of modern phones is nothing short of impressive. A typical phone now has a huge display, the quality of which rivaling a high end television. These displays bring 3D games to life, allowing for graphical displays that are truly out of this world which can be seen at next generation game technologies conference. With these types of displays, mobile games are now better than ever. A science fiction shooter game, for instance, would look just at home on the screen of as cell phone as it would on the big screen tv of a person’s living room.